You are part of a team that is working on device, called the Memory Extraction Machine (MEM). MEM allows a person to experience another person’s memories.

One evening, you are visited by agents from the CIA. They fly you and the MEM out to a hospital in a neutral country. A CIA agent is in a coma at the hospital.

You have delve into the memories of the agent, and recover the encryption keys to the data the agent carries. The agent is not doing so well. He does not have much to live. Your task is to recover the encryption keys before he passes away.

This game is for up to 8 players, and you will have 60 minutes to escape.

Our base price is $28. However, we charge only $21 for the students with a student ID, $14 for the kids (7-12 years old), and we don't charge anything for the kids younger than 7. Please note that we also charge a $2 service fee per participant, and sales tax on the overall price.

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